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Class XI

Class XI students feel a big difference in the level of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from X to XI. You must know that the effort required to get good percentage in XI exams is far more than that needed to get a similar percentage in X Board Exams. With the help of Lives classes, online videos, books and with highly qualified teacher we always set our goals to optimum level.

Class XII

Remember Class XI & XII Board Exam syllabus are more or less same as that for Entrance Examinations. Difference lies only in the approach required to solve the questions. If you are thoroughly prepared for entrance exams, with a little extra effort, you are bound to do extremely well in Entrance Examinations too. We helps the student in every ways by giving from Live Classes to books.

NEET 2017

The central board will control NEET and the whole purpose of NEET is to create a single entrance exam for all medical aspirants. It further hopes to decrease the financial burden on students of multiple exams and also decrease the challenge of preparing for so many multiple exams and hence decrease the burden among students. We have several packages which creates the great Impact.

Types of Materials
Our features.

Interactive Classroom

Our interactive classroom course is specially designed for the student focusing for Class XI, Class XII, as well as Entrance Exams.


Digital Pad

Etutor plays very vital role by an innovative e-Learning program which provides excellent learning content on PC, Tablet and Mobile.


We provide several Ebooks with meticulously designed study material to make the student give what they deserve.


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